How To Change Web Hosting Plans (Upgrade/Downgrade)

Login to your billing account 

If you do not have the billing login details then please go to and enter your billing email address and the billing login details will be sent to the email address.

Once logged in select Services > My services

Click on the package name you would like to change.
On the left under "Actions" select Upgrade/Downgrade
If you have a current outstanding hosting invoice on your account you will receive the following message:
'You cannot currently upgrade or downgrade this product because an invoice has already been generated for the next renewal.

To proceed, please first pay the outstanding invoice and then you will be able to upgrade or downgrade immediately following that and be charged the difference or credited as appropriate.
If there isn't an outstanding hosting invoice on your account you will be redirected to the next page.
Choose your desired hosting package and billing cycle and select "Choose Product"
On the next page you will see the Description of the product change.
If you are ready select 'Click to continue' and an order and invoice will be generated.
If there is an outstanding amount for your order, please rememeber new orders will be activated once the corresponding invoice has been paid.
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